The Good Promise Ministries 2020 educational needs assessment survey revealed that secondary school graduates and dropouts lack opportunities for economic independence.  The Good Promise sewing trade course will provide an economic empowerment opportunity for the young people of Nguluwe to get established in an income-generating activity.



The program activity will serve to teach, train, and equip deserving secondary school graduates and dropouts from under-resourced communities with sewing trade knowledge and skills to help them generate income.


Initiative Benefits 

  1. Trainees will generate income through the sewing trade
  2. Provide serving opportunities through child-mentorship 
  3. Continuation of the youth leadership development through trade cooperatives for program sustainability 



To train, equip, and support the young people of the Nguluwe community with sewing skills for economic independence.



  1. Provide sewing skills to secondary school graduates and dropouts
  2. Provide trade skills classes for easy marketing of the products.
  3. Provide sewing machines for independent operations after graduation


Trade Training Model and phases

  1. Six months of training 
  2. 12 Months of cooperative sewing trade internship
  3. Graduate them for independent operations


Tentative Course Subjects


Implementation Timeframe & Impact Number

Time Frame Impact Number
July – December 2022 6



Sewing Machines 4 400,000 494
Trainer Hiring 1 600,000 741
Fabrics 4 Rolls 200,000 247
Sewing toolbox 4 120,000 148
Administrative fee 1 100,000 123
Sewing training Space 1 1259,000 1554
Total 2,679 ,000 3,307



Good Promise youth leadership development program is keen to see young people from under-resourced communities of Malawi actively participate in the socio-economic developmental goals.  The sewing trade course yet to start in July is one of the certain ways to position deserving young people in the Nguluwe community to take part in the transformation of the country.