Summer camp provides a secure, spiritual, and soothing environment for children throughout their lengthy summer escape, protecting them from child labor, promiscuity, drug and substance addiction, and inactivity. It includes as games, arts & crafts, and Bible studies. This year's summer camp begins on Monday, September 26th and ends on Thursday, September 29th.

Move for Promise is a Good Promise fundraising initiative to raise funds for 2022 Summer camp among other educational and leadership programs at Nguluwe primary school. Help us to raise funds for the program which  provides a safe, spiritual and fun interactive environment for learners during summer school break to prevent them from indulging in immoral activities, build lasting friendships while resting their minds from the long school session.

The Move for promise event will be done in Lilongwe  4th June 2022. Time for the event will start at 07:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The start-off venue is Mchinji roundabout to Chitedze .

Please register before May 31st 2022 for logistic purposes.

Event Categories  and Fees for Runners and Cyclists

Move for promise fundraising event allows you to either participate or sponsor someone in athletic activities such as: Running, Cycling, Hiking, Soccer, Netball, basically moving your body.

For participation and donations follow the link below:

Talk about Move challenges! In 2014, at African Bible college, I could barely catch my breath after an intense campus marathon competition. I walked zigzaggedly slowly toward the green grass ground to lay on my back with large quick water sips quenching that past half hour's thirst.

I have always been a quick mind. Growing up I discovered running was fun for me.  Since then I have been a passionate runner.  In that sophomore year, I decided I would compete for passion little did I know I would win silver medals for consecutive years of college--it was truly a joyous moment of fulfillment and discovery.

Just like in the marathon competition, setting goals is also important in the role I am now as a ministry director.  Tomorrow, Good Promise teams led by Christian (one of the Good Promise U. S. advisory committee members), and Albert and Tony “the Vega brothers” have a $10,000 fundraising goal that requires all hands on the deck to attain.

I encourage you, friend, wherever you are to help us raise the mentioned amount by June 30 which UrbanPromise International will match. Currently, we have raised $777 toward this goal, which is a great start! Good Promise is grateful for those who have signed up and donated generously alike.

I would like to urgently invite you to consider giving generously to the launch of the life and leadership transforming ministry cause.  In 2021-2022 we set out to impact 200 children and young people in the Nguluwe. Our goal is to help elementary children improve their reading, writing, speaking, analytical, emotional, and fitness skills through free afterschool tutors.

Each week, we will provide nutritious meals to retain students and keep them healthy too. We advocate for girls and boys out of school to return while we empower them to stand and fight for their dreams.

First-generation 10 young community leaders like me, gets an opportunity to learn computers for leadership and entrepreneurship, work on the payroll in camps while under mentorship in different career options of academic, art, and business advancements.

At the click of a link here, you are in a very critical position to make the set goal of $ 10,000 a reality.

Always click on the SUPPORT GOOD PROMISE MINISTRIES  button for your gift donation to help us change children's lives and transform Malawi.

With God's help,

It is necessary for life only not to call on friends when there is a need for support, no! But also when there is something to celebrate too. I am happy to let you know that I just completed a graduate degree program in the last two weeks.

It was a happy, fun, joyous, even overwhelming Tuesday, May 11 of 2021, when I graduated from Eastern University with a master's degree in organizational leadership. I want to share this moment with you because it was a long-awaited dream come true! I had envisioned studying nonprofit leadership since 2016, never knew where or how. I am grateful to God, UrbanPromise International, and Rays of Hope Ministries for the rare opportunity they gave me.

Congratulation messages and gifts flooded this day. The cherry on top was friends like Pastor Dave and his wife, Miss Nancy (Good Promise advisor on communication), Dr. Becky, Miss Sandy Newhall (UrbanPromise International Director, Deaconess Rhunnet Lovelace, Miss Gloria, and Reverend Marsha grace me with their presence. I felt truly blessed, thank you!

In the same spirit of gratitude, I happily invite you to an UrbanPromise International Move Challenge. The fundraiser aims to help UPI affiliate ministries raise summer camp funds. The Good Promise Ministries' goal is to realize a match-up amount of 10, 000 dollars to help us launch in July since we do not have summer camp this year.

You can either donate or join the Good Promise Ministries move challenge team with a sponsor. Pledges, one-time gifts, reoccurring donations, and checks are all welcome. For more information on setting up a move challenge team for Good Promise Ministries, please reach out to me through our contacts.

Once again, please follow the link to donate or join under Good promise ministries now to support!

Click Support Good Promise Ministries to help us change lives.


Friend, I am at a loss for words for your genuine care and support that you showed me last Friday! I felt so much love and support for the Good Promise Ministries.

I want to take this opportune time on behalf of the Good Promise Ministries in Malawi, Africa, and indeed myself to thank you for your love and support when I had invited you to our Miles on Music fundraise concert.

The raised amount on Facebook was $1,305.00.  The ticket donations came up to $2,900.00 hence the total of $4,205.00. Thank you so much for your selfless and generous giving.  I am truly grateful.

Friend, all the fundraising concert and seed gifts realized enable us to match the seed capital money of $15,000.00 by UrbanPromise International towards our fiscal operations budget.

Out of the $50,000.00 budget, we remain to raise $18,700.00 for UrbanPromiseInternational to release the seed money of $15,000.00. For this reason, I appeal to your generosity for the Good Promise Ministries' continued work in the Nguluwe community in Malawi.

I will send out appeal emails and call you personally in the next few days to discuss how you want further support the ministry. I believe that with your help we can reach the set fundraising goal before May end.

Please click on Support Good Promise Ministries  to donate and  to help make better stories in Malawi today!

With His help,