Join Us for the “Empower Girls and Boys in Malawi,” Fundraiser!

Make a Difference:
We invite you to be part of our Move for Promise event, where we’re trekking 10km to raise $3,000 to empower and help youth in Nguluwe, Likuni Malawi during their long summer break.

Our mission is to ensure that 300 young girls and boys stay safe, inspired, and focused on their dreams.

The summer camp helps girls to have a haven and avoid them from indulging in acts that could hinder their education which includes pregnancy that leads to early marriages. The boys are prevented from drug and substance abuse, and other bad cultural practices as they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

In 2021, a group of we took part in a marathon or cycled for 15km as a part of a fitness challenge. Last year, we hiked the Bunda mountain to raise funds for a charitable cause. This year, we are planning to walk 10km to Malingunde to join the movement that promotes healthy living and supports various social causes.

Here’s how we will make it happen:

  1. Creative Expression: Through Later Poetry and drama, dance, drawing and painting, and music, we’ll help these young souls create and share their stories. Our skills will merge with theirs, fostering a beautiful exchange of inspiration.
  2. Food for Thought: Daily lunches will fuel their creativity. These kids are traveling far from their villages, and we want their bellies full as they explore their artistic talents.
  3. Bible Lessons: Beyond the canvas and dance floor, we’ll weave invaluable life lessons. The Bible’s wisdom will guide them, nurturing their spirits and resilience.
  4. Sports: Soccer fields will echo with laughter. Sports build teamwork, discipline, and healthy habits.

Above all, the camp will act as a shield against harm in a way that it will fortress against harmful behaviors with no room for drugs, or immoral acts, a living room for growth, learning, and joy.

Here is how we will make the Summer Camp “haven for 300 kids”!:
Your support matters! Every dollar funds supplies, food, camp counsellors, art materials, and other materials necessary for a successful summer camp.

Follow this link to make your donation today to help Good Promise Ministries raise $3,000!
The campaign runs from today to the 18th of May. Click the donate option and select Lester Nkhoma to make your donation.

Summer camp provides a secure, spiritual, and soothing environment for children throughout their lengthy summer escape, protecting them from child labor, promiscuity, drug and substance addiction, and inactivity. It includes as games, arts & crafts, and Bible studies. This year's summer camp begins on Monday, September 26th and ends on Thursday, September 29th.